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Sahen W Qafsha Restaurant

A cuisine is a specific set of cooking traditions and practices, often associated with a specific culture or region. Each cuisine involves food preparation in a particular style.

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What Our Clients Say


Best Mandy in qatar ! An excellent dining area and best service. Staffs are very good and very fast service. If you are looking for a Mandi this is the best choice..


Had a delicious mandi, rich in service, tastiest r the ambiance and the rice… praise to the manager for his heart while serving.


Very nice setup with a premium feel khaleeji restaurant. Welcome staff was so helpful in guiding us to the first floor, where family seating was available. Even the restaurant got some majlis style cabins (for the traditional feel, you will love it..)

Jeju Raj

Ordered delivery twice and both times the food arrived in 15mins which is quite impressive. The rice is really flavourful but less in quantity compared to other places. The meat was however much better than most other places.


I love this place! One of my favorite restaurants actually! I’ve tried many things from the menu due to my continuous visits, such as the madhbi, madfoon, mashakeek, haneedh and mandi.

Al Hammadi

Madfoon Lamb was delicious. The meat is good. Rice is perfect. Worth eating at this/from this place. I’LL give it another try.

Abdullah Moh’d